NFL News : NFL decides on punishment for Elliott's Salvation Army TD celebration.

NFL decides on punishment for Elliott's Salvation Army TD celebration.


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The NFL is becoming known as the "No Fun League", but it seems Ezekiel Elliott's latest celebration isn't causing any issues.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy announced Monday that the Dallas Cowboys' running back will not be fined for jumping into a giant Salvation Army kettle to celebrate a touchdown run during Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Elliott punched in a two-yard score and jumped into the life-size kettle for kicks. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct because of his use of a prop, and it was believed the NFL's head office would levy a fine as well.

Elliott promised to match any fine he received from the NFL with a donation to the Salvation Army and says he will still make a donation despite not being fined.

"I mean it's just sitting there right in the end zone, you know. It's the perfect celebration," Elliot said after the game, according to ESPN's Todd Archer. "They're one of our biggest partners, so I had to show them a little bit of love."

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones stated that he had no issue with his rookie sensation's choice of celebration.

"I think the Salvation Army should give him the highest award," Jones said after the game. "My dream would be for the NFL to really fine me a lot of money and I'll take them to the Supreme Court and we'll get the Salvation Army more attention than anybody can get them. So let's go."

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press