NFL News : NFL insider confirms Steelers are looking to trade star player.

NFL insider confirms Steelers are looking to trade star player.

Steelers have had enough.

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It now sounds like the Pittsburgh Steelers have had enough and are looking to put an end to a long standing dispute once and for all.

According to a shocking report from ESPN National Football League insider Adam Schefter, multiple sources have confirmed to him that the Steelers are now listening to trade offers as it pertains to star running back Le'Veon Bell. The news comes off the heels of a rather brutal contract dispute between Bell and the Steelers, with Bell having missed all of training camp, the entire preseason, as well as all of the regular season thus far after being franchise tagged by the Steelers organization.

Although some would try to argue that this is merely business it's become quite clear, at least in my opinion, that this situation has long since crossed over into being a personal matter for Bell himself. I believe strongly that Bell feels the organization has disrespected him by not offering him a long term deal and a tweet that he recently put out on social media would appear to support my theory. After seemingly mocking the Steelers following their tie against the Cleveland Browns and after liking a series of posts on Instagram that showed the Kansas City Chiefs destroying the Steelers, Bell's  tweet made it clear that he felt under appreciated.

"sometimes a simple “thank you” can go a long way...I feel like too many ppl take me for granted," wrote the star running back.

The fact that the Steelers have been unable to win a single game thus far in the regular season without Bell on the field would lead you to believe that Bell now has considerable leverage as a result of his holdout but it sounds like the Steelers are far more concerned with maintaining the way they run their organization, even if it means losing games they should probably be winning. Instead of approaching Bell and perhaps even offering some of the security that he feels he deserves, and frankly I agree with him given how well he has performed and how much punishment he has absorbed for the Steelers over the years, it now looks like the Steelers are looking to dump their star running back in a trade that will almost certainly not net them a player of equal value.

Doing thing the Steeler's way has always been the organizations mantra but over the past few years it seems that the franchises' stubbornness has caused relationships with some of their most important players to deteriorate considerably. Wide receiver Antonia Brown was viewed as one of the most underpaid players in the NFL for a long time while he was dominating in the passing game for the Steelers and this week it became clear once again that the bad blood between Brown and the Steelers still hasn't washed away. 

Brown practically dared the team to trade him after the aforementioned loss to the Kansas City Chiefs led to a dispute on the sidelines and now just a few days later there is legitimate talk of Bell being on his way out. All of this is not a good look fore the current state of the Steelers.

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