NFL News : NFL Owner: 'Absolutely' support signing Kaepernick | Around the NFL

NFL Owner: 'Absolutely' support signing Kaepernick | Around the NFL

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Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan said he would "absolutely" sign off on a deal to bring in Colin Kaepernick, should the "football people" want that. 

The football people being executive VP of football operations Tom Coughlin and head coach Doug Marrone. 

However, the football people don’t seem to want Kaepernick, wrote NBC Sports

Coughlin "favors more of a pocket-passing quarterback than a mobile quarterback like Kaepernick, and who’s about as old-school as it gets regarding not wanting players to be focused on anything off the field."

"Kaepernick, who started silently protesting during the national anthem last year, has made it clear that he has many off-field interests related to social justice. Much of the work Kaepernick has done is commendable, but that doesn’t mean a football guy like Coughlin would want him around."

What makes this scenario more interesting was the lack of any production on offense by both Chad Henne and former starting quarterback Blake Bortles. Even Thursday night at home against the Carolina Panthers, Henne finished a lacklustre 8 for 14, while Bortles threw both a touchdown and a pick against mostly second and third-stringers.  

Khan reiterated he was "open to anything" that would make the Jaguars a better team, but Dempsey noted that "it seems clear ... the football people in the organization don't feel like" Kaepernick is currently the answer to the quarterback issues.

Henne looked overwhelmed at times, getting sacked three times in a half of play. Meanwhile, Bortles' confidence seems shot. 

Could Kaepernick actually be a viable solution? Perhaps, but at this point a signing once again seems unlikely for the 29-year-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Source: NBC Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency