NFL News : NFL owner says signing Kaepernick is an “emotional issue”

NFL owner says signing Kaepernick is an “emotional issue”

NFL Owners says that it's about more than skill and salary when it comes to signing Kaepernick

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The Colin Kaepernick signing saga continues this offseason, and co-owner John Mara of the New York Giants weighed in on perhaps the most important issue that comes up whenever Kaepernick’s name is mentioned.

"All my years being in the league, I never received more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue," Mara said, referring to Kaepernick’s kneeling protest during the American national anthem.

Done to bring attention to social injustice and inequality in the USA, Kaepernick has been a lightning rod for controversy ever since. His protest has been widely debated and brings out strong emotions on both sides, of which the Giant’s co-owner can attest.

The Giants received letters from fans threatening that "If any of your players ever do that, we are never coming to another Giants game.” Mara explained, adding: “It wasn't one or two letters. It was a lot. It's an emotional, emotional issue for a lot of people, more so than any other issue I've run into."

What Mara is drawing attention to is the fact that signing the former 49er is about more than just his skillset and salary. Teams interested in the 29-year-old gunslinger need to take their fanbase into account, which may go some way in explaining why Kaepernick is still a free agent.

The Seattle Seahawks appear to be the frontrunners looking to secure his services, and Kaepernick appears to be a great fit with the team. But you can be absolutely sure that the Seahawks management is watching fan reaction to their interest in the controversial quarterback very carefully, and that might have as much to do with where Kaepernick signs as any other factor.

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