NFL News : NFL receiver Jermiah Braswell arrested after driving his Camaro into Lake Erie.

NFL receiver Jermiah Braswell arrested after driving his Camaro into Lake Erie.

You can't make this up.

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File this one under the "you can't make this stuff up" branch of news stories. According to a report from Renata Cló of WTOL11 National Football League wide receiver Jermiah Braswell has been arrested after quite literally driving his car, a Chevrolet Camaro, into Lake Erie over the weekend.

Now that story may sound crazy to you on the surface but trust me it gets even better from there. Just below you can see a picture of what Braswell's car looked like after he drove it off the road and into Lake Eerie, and according to police when they arrived on the scene Braswell was still in the driver's trying to drive his car forward. Braswell informed crews that he was stuck and didn't know what had happened according to police. Braswell speech was slurred when officers spoke to him and he was unable to explain how he ended up in the water. Although it sounds like no one has been injured here Braswell was arrested for Operating a Vehicle while Impaired and it sounds like he is lucky that no one else was hurt due to his recklessness. 

From WTOL11:

Police say witnesses told officers that the driver of the Camaro had driven off the embankment and came to rest in the lake, and added Braswell was at a very high rate of speed when he left the roadway. He traveled through a grassy area, and flew off the embankment into the lake, according to police records.

Braswell refused to submit to a chemical test after the incident but did agree to a breathalyzer that determined that the wideout was above the legal limit in Ohio, unsurprising given what we already know about the incident. Braswell was an undrafted wide receiver who played college ball with Youngstown State University. He has since been signed by the Arizona Cardinals and is currently an active member of their roster, although there is no telling how this mishap could impact his NFL career moving forward. It would be one thing if he was an established roster player involved in an incident like this, but Braswell has yet to play a single NFL game and was only signed as a free agent this past April.

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Photo Credit: Put-In-Bay police department/WTOL