NFL News : NFL to be forced to delay start of the season

NFL to be forced to delay start of the season

Despite President Trump’s promises…

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Even though American President Donald Trump recently confirmed that the NFL would be able to start its season on time, it looks like it may not happen this way after all… 

According to the Sports Business Journal, NFL management is currently analyzing its options and scenarios, but one of them would involve canceling the Pro Bowl and delaying the Super Bowl by three weeks, therefore scheduling it to the end of February. 

It is believed that the authorities of the city of Tampa have been contacted to make new arrangements. This is where Super Bowl LV will take place in 2021.

The start of the season could then be pushed back a few weeks. The initial date was September 10, 2020 to kick off action in the NFL. It is believed that each team’s bye-week would be eliminated from the schedule, as well as the week off between the association finals and the Super Bowl.

The league still plans to unveil the 2020-21 calendar on May 8 as originally planned, but we might have a few surprises. 

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Source: Business Journal · Photo Credit: Twitter