NFL News : NFL wide receiver Terrelle Pryor has been stabbed and is in critical condition.

NFL wide receiver Terrelle Pryor has been stabbed and is in critical condition.

Terelle Pryor fighting for his life.

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We have a rather crazy story to share with you all this morning. 

According to some shocking news from National Football League insider Adam Schefter of ESPN, NFL wide receiver Terelle Pryor has been stabbed and is currently fighting for his life. As this is a breaking news story the details of this incident are still as of yet unclear, but what we do know is that Pryor has undergone surgery as a result of this incident which would appear to indicate that it is very serious indeed. There are reporters that the Pryor family "expects" that Pryor will survive the injuries he has suffered in this incident but all official reports thus far are reporting Pryor as being in "critical" condition, which again speaks to the life threatening nature of this incident. 

Schefter's sources claim that Pryor was stabbed in the chest and shoulder on Friday night and multiple reports suggest that police were on hand Saturday morning at his apartment in Heinz Lofts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I presume that this is where the incident is alleged to have taken place but that has not been officially reported at this time so do take that as speculation on my part for the time being. 

We also have additional information from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that would suggest that this may have actually taken place in the early hours this morning, although this could also be related to an entirely different incident given that the police is not officially disclosing the names of the person or people who may have been involved here. 

From Fowler:

From Pittsburgh police...officers were called to Mercy Hospital for a male stabbing victim who had walked into the hospital just after 4:30 a.m. Police are investigating. PPD doesn't identify stabbing victims.

As you can see we are obviously trying to piece together as much information as we can at this time and we will continue to bring you all updates on this actively developing story. Pryor was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this season and I have to believe that the injuries he suffered today could prove to be extremely detrimental to any future he may have in the National Football League. Our thoughts go out to Pryor and his family at this time and hopefully he will make a full recovery. 

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Photo Credit: Rich Graessle/Icon SMI/Zuma