NFL News : NFLPA challenging NFL over Elliott suspension

NFLPA challenging NFL over Elliott suspension

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On the heels of an earlier update regarding flaws in the NFL's investigation regarding Ezekiel Elliott's pending suspension, the NFLPA is taking action against the league.

With the NFL's own Director of Investigations, Kia Wright Roberts, testifying that she would not have recommended discipline for Elliott based on her findings, but that she was not included in the actual disciplinary decision making process, the NFLPA has seemingly found very good reason to dispute any suspension the NFL hands down to the Cowboys running back.

With the NFLPA filing an injunction to eliminate the suspension, Elliott could technically be allowed to play while the case is at court. While it's still very early in these proceedings, it's actually possible that Elliott could start in Week 1 for the Cowboys.

Another fight between the league and the union, there's no reason to think this round won't get ugly.

Source: Twitter - Adam Schefter · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS