NFL News : One stat proves just how valuable Dak Prescott is

One stat proves just how valuable Dak Prescott is

Where he ranks among the league's best

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Pro Football Focus has revealed their list of who the best passer from outside the pocket are. We know from watching the games that Dak is very good when he gets out of the pocket but how good is empirically?

#2 in the league. Wow!


Passer Rating: 121.8

Prescott has attempted 38 throws outside of the pocket so far this season, completing 24 of them for 372 yards and three touchdowns. He’s been pressured on 19-of-40 dropbacks (and been sacked twice) and forced to throw the ball away five times, despite that though he ranks second among this group with an average of 9.8 yards per attempt outside of the pocket.

#1 is Jameis Winston.

Go Dak!

Source: Pro Football Focus · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency