NFL News : One Steeler believes the Bengals are the 'nicest' team.

One Steeler believes the Bengals are the 'nicest' team.


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Apparently there is one Steeler that has a soft spot for possibly his team's most hated rival.

Pittsburgh Steelers left tackle Alejandro Villanueva has taken a different stance than most of his teammates when discussing the Cincinnati Bengals,

"To be honest with you, the entire Bengals team is the nicest team we face all year," Villanueva said, according to the Bengals' website. "It kills the media story. If I told the ESPN reporter they wouldn’t want to hear it. It’s not going to sell.

"From the guys I interact with all the time, the Bengals are probably the classiest and the nicest. And also the best front seven that we face. Not just in the AFC North, but in the NFL as well."

In a little known tidbit of information, the Bengals' tight end coach Jon Hayes encouraged Villanueva to pursue his ultimate dream of playing in the NFL after he returned from a third tour of duty in Afghanistan.

"The fact someone in the building in Cincinnati thought that I could play in the NFL means I'm playing today," said Villanueva. "It means I had enough courage to pursue a career in the NFL."

The Steelers and Bengals are set to meet this Sunday for the first time since their controversial playoff contest in the playoffs last January. It appears there will be one Steelers' player who won't come in with a particular disliking for the Bengals.

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