NFL News : Packers, Cowboys came this close to a monster trade

Packers, Cowboys came this close to a monster trade

The last decade would have been extremely different!

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Oh, what could have been.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers nearly swapped franchise players not so long ago. The timeline was estimated to be around the offseason following 2005.

Per CBS Sports, the Cowboys tried to trade for Brett Favre but couldn't because the Packers demanded they send Tony Romo in exchange. Once Romo's name came up the Cowboys said "no deal."

"Before we get to that, let's hear the details, courtesy of Ed Werder on his "Doomsday Podcast" with Matt Mosley. Romo told him that he was the reason a Favre-to-the-Cowboys trade never happened."

He talked... during the round about how the Cowboys had had an interest in trading for Favre late in his career when he was available, [Bill] Parcells was the coach.I said, "Oh yeah, I kind of heard that." 
And he said, "Well you know, the deal went dead when the Packers asked for me to be in the trade."And now I'm like, "Oh, really, the Cowboys didn't trade for Favre because they didn't want to give you up?" And maybe it was true as it turns out, right? He was good enough as it turns out! He had a hell of a good career!

Interesting story, to say the least. The folks at CBS Sports figure it must have happened in early 2006, since Parcells' coaching stint in Dallas lasted from 2003 to 2006. "Romo was an undrafted free agent in 2003 (Parcells' first year), while the Packers selected Aaron Rodgers in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft."

Some more interesting insight from CBS. Favre certainly didn't have his finest season in 2005

"Remember, the 2005 Cowboys had an elderly quarterback, too, in the form of a 33-year-old Drew Bledsoe playing his final full season. Bledsoe was sacked 49 times (yikes), completed just over 40 percent of his passes and threw 23 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. The Cowboys hung their hat on Julius Jones and Marion Barber."

"Parcells probably knew he wasn't long for Dallas and that getting Favre at a discount after a bad season would give him a shot to win now, with Romo waiting in the wings," added CBS Sports. "Romo, at that point, had been in the program for a few years and Parcells probably knew what he had -- which is exactly why he wasn't willing to deal the young quarterback."

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Source: CBS Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency