NFL News : Pair of NFLers accused of stiffing man with massive bar tab

Pair of NFLers accused of stiffing man with massive bar tab

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Two NFL players are accused of running up more than $9,000 worth of a bar tab in Hollywood, and not paying up. 

Here's the kicker: both of their credit cards were declined at the end of the night, so a man they were with covered the bill. Detroit Lions defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch are now being sued from the man because they only repaid him $4,000. 

According to court documents filed in Los Angeles, the two players were guests of Richard James Harrington at the Hyde nightclub in Hollywood. Harrington said that when it came time to pay the tab, both players' credit cards were declined.

Per ESPN, Harrington agreed to pay the bill, under the condition that both players would reimburse him. Harrington said they reimbursed him $4,000 via the Venmo app and cash, but says they still owe $5,332 and are now refusing to pay.

"Benenoch acknowledged the suit Monday, but believes it's bogus."

"We did our part," said Benenoch, a 2016 draft pick who signed a four-year contract with the Bucs last year worth $2.59 million.

"This is all I'm really going to say on it -- I'm focused on football. I'm not really worried about what they've got going on. The legal system is going to play itself out. I'm focused on what we've got going on here."

Robinson declined to discuss the case. A 2016 second-round draft pick, he signed a four-year deal worth $5.23 million, with $2.69 million guaranteed last year.

Lions head coach Jim Caldwell briefly addressed the situation after Monday's practice, but wouldn't get into specifics.

"I'm not going to talk about any particular incident because obviously some of those things are still being dealt with from a legal standpoint," Caldwell said. "But just overall, we want our guys to be civil. We want our guys to obviously not be mixed up in any illegal activity or anything that brings discredit to our organization. So those are the things we preach constantly.

"But like I said, I'm not going to address each and every one of those situations because they are bound right now by a legal set of statutes."

Robinson isn't the only Lions player involved in a legal battle. Safety Tavon Wilson is facing a civil suit with the mother of his child regarding an incident in a Washington, D.C. nightclub in 2016. Wilson, who was injured during Monday's practice, declined to talk with the media but said he would later in the week.

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency