NFL News : Patriots’ fans fight each other after loss to Chiefs

Patriots’ fans fight each other after loss to Chiefs

Others were “disgusted” by the actions

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Sunday’s football game against the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t go the way the New England Patriots wanted, and fans were upset enough over it that they decided to start fighting in the stands. After booing the team, and Tom Brady, for a 22-16 loss to K.C., some fans started exchanging punches. Check it out: 

It does seem a bit strange that after 10 Superbowl appearances in 20 years, not to mention six championship rings, that fans would turn on each other after a bad game. Some are more passionate that others, it seems.

While there were a few involved in this fights, and a couple good haymakers thrown, it is worth pointing out that some in attendance are saying on social media that the vast majority of people in the stands were disgusted that a few would choose to let it go this far.

As for Tom Brady and the Patriots, they say they’re already looking forward to next Sunday against the Cincinnati rather than dwelling on what happened in this game. That’s probably for the best. For what it’s worth, Pats’ safety Patrick Chung went on Twitter to suggest New England was beaten by both Kansas City and its "fans." If you aren’t cluing in, by “fans”, he actually means the referees. The Patriots believe there were at least two blown calls in the game that could have changed the outcome considerably. 

First, the referees missed a Travis Kelce fumble in the third quarter, blowing the play dead as Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore scooped the ball up for what would have been a return for a touchdown.

New England challenged the play and won to gain possession, but Gilmore's touchdown still was negated because the play was blown dead. That also mean the Patriots were out of challenges, which they could have used when N'Keal Harry was ruled out-of-bounds at the three-yard line on a fourth-quarter catch. The replay shows he was clearly inside the line. 

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