NFL News : Patriots owner: Amazon, millenials key in the future of watching football

Patriots owner: Amazon, millenials key in the future of watching football

The man has made a lot of good decisions. Let's trust him on this one

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New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft is bullish on the future of web streaming services like Amazon Prime Video in how we consume the NFL. Not only that, but its the millenials who content producers need to hyper-focus on. 

Per The New York Post, Kraft said the future of NFL broadcasts is in “over the top” deals like the livestreaming agreement the NFL signed with Amazon this spring.

Over-the-top content (OTT) is a term used in broadcasting referring to audio, video, and other media transmitted via the web as a standalone product, that is, without an operator of multiple cable or direct-broadcast satellite television systems controlling or distributing the content

Amazon will charge advertisers $2.8 million for an “OTT” ad package around its 10 Thursday night games, Reuters revealed on Thursday. Amazon paid $50 million for the non-exclusive rights to NFL games starting this season, beating out Twitter. Twitter paid $10 million to stream Thursday night NFL games last season.

“There has been a dramatic shift,” Kraft said at Cannes Lions. “This year we’re with Amazon and for us the future is OTT.”

“We’ll be very interested to see how Amazon goes as it’s behind the paywall. The thing we have to be careful of is millennials. They don’t watch TV, they don’t have TVs or subscribe to cable. So we have to bring that audience in," added Kraft. "Partly it’s done through fantasy games and linking to that. Over-the-top is a great opportunity.”

Those who want to watch the Thursday night games will have to pay $99 per year for Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime Video.

Kraft said he would also like to see the NFL expand internationally:

“Now we play four games a year in London and sell tickets to 80,000 people and we’re going to have a team in London,” Kraft said. “We’re playing the Raiders in Mexico and have plans to play in Germany, Canada and Brazil and China. I don’t know why not France?”


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Source: The New York Post · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency