NFL News : Peyton Manning endorses Cam Newton for MVP.

Peyton Manning endorses Cam Newton for MVP.


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Super Bowl 50 is being billed by some as a changing of the guard as Peyton Manning leads the Denver Broncos into Sunday's contest against Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers.

Ahead of the big game, Manning complimented Newton in the highest terms imaginable.

"Cam Newton is the MVP of the league," Manning said in an interview with ESPN's Chris Berman that aired during halftime of the 2015 Pro Bowl.

Manning struggled for most of the season, throwing 17 interceptions this year. The Broncos' quarterback credited his team's defense for leading the group to the Super Bowl.

"Well, certainly for our team, I had a chance to be part of something special. Our defense has led us to this point. They've been great from the get-go," Manning said.

Newton referred to Manning as "The Sheriff" when he found out that the Panthers would be playing the Broncos in Super Bowl 50. In any event, a mutual respect exists between both Super Bowl pivots.

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