NFL News : Peyton Manning reveals he needs a serious surgery.

Peyton Manning reveals he needs a serious surgery.


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Peyton Manning's body has taken a beating over his epic 18-year career.

Though Manning is one of the best ever at avoiding big shots in the pocket, the accumulation of hits he's endured over the years has broken his body down.

Manning revealed Wednesday that a doctor's already told him he'll need hip replacement surgery in his 50s.

“Certainly when you have injuries, when you have surgeries, the doctor sometimes will mention to you, whether you ask him or not, ‘Hey you are probably heading for a hip replacement at a certain time in your life,’” Manning said today. “I said, ‘Doc, I didn’t ask you if I was going to have a hip replacement. I didn’t need to know that right here at age 37, but thanks for sharing. I look forward to that day when I am 52 and have a hip replacement.’ Am I going to have some potential neck procedures down the road? I don’t know the answer to that. The hip part was true. I can’t remember which doctor told me that. I have seen a lot of doctors. He was nice enough to share that information with me. I feel like I do a lot of things to try to ‘prehab’ if you will. Preventive type of stretching. I wear a posture shirt and different things like that. As those things come along later in life for me, I will try to handle them and try to have a good plan when those are around. I feel pretty good as we speak and I am fortunate for that.”

Manning underwent four surgical procedures on his neck in 2011, the results of which he's still feeling today in the form of numbness in his fingertips. This just goes to show how tough and resilient Manning really is.

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