NFL News : Pro Bowl nod calls out team for not supporting him when he battled mental health issue

Pro Bowl nod calls out team for not supporting him when he battled mental health issue

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Brandon Brooks says he doesn't need certain people's admiration now that he's a Pro Bowl offensive lineman. That's because those same people never had his back while he battled with severe anxiety last season. 

Per PennLive, "For Brooks, the challenging moments of his ordeal still linger in his mind. He said after announcing his anxiety diagnosis, he was able to lean on several friends around the Eagles' facility; left tackle Jason Peters, left guard Stefen Wisniewski and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz all provided support.

"But others on the team and in his orbit outside of football weren't as kind, Brooks said.

"While the first-time Pro Bowler expressed excitement Wednesday, he also acknowledged that the honor gave him perspective on the trying parts of his experience with anxiety.

"Let's be real, when I was going through the anxiety stuff, not everybody had my back," Brooks said. "But, at the same time, it's interesting to me now -- you know, the Pro Bowl is here -- and the same people that didn't support me at the same time now are going to pat me on the back. Let it be understood that although you forgive, you never forget."

Brooks declined to name less-than-supportive teammates. After pushing through the initial shock of his anxiety diagnosis, Brooks said he was "able to more clearly understand who was worthy of his trust."

"Adversity makes you stronger," Brooks said. "Probably the biggest thing is, you realize quickly who's in your corner, who's always going to have your back. And you know, it just makes you aware of what's real and what's not."

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Source: PennLive · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency