NFL News : Pro Bowl SS fractures arm, done for season

Pro Bowl SS fractures arm, done for season

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New York Giants Pro Bowl strong safety Landon Collins has a fractured forearm, ending his season, reports the New York Post.

“We’ll see when we get back,” Collins said after the Giants lost 23-0 to the Cardinals. “We’ll make a decision on what we should do.”

Collins went down with a little more than a minute left in the first half after tackling D.J. Foster at the end of a 5-yard reception from Drew Stanton.

“I don’t know if my arm got caught in a different way ’cause I didn’t use my arm to hit him — I hit him with my shoulder pad,” Collins said. “I remember my arm caught on a lineman as I was going through.”

Collins said he cried when X-rays at halftime revealed he had fractured his forearm.

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Source: New York Post · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency