NFL News : Prosecutor: Former Cowboy brutally killed wife 'while she desperately fought to stay alive'

Prosecutor: Former Cowboy brutally killed wife 'while she desperately fought to stay alive'

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Anthony McClanahan, a one-time Dallas Cowboy signee, sliced his wife's neck and then crawled on the ground outside their rented Utah condominium before flagging down a police officer, prosecutors said in murder charges filed on Monday.

Per the Daily Mail, the bloody scene in the ski town of Park City indicated that Keri 'KC' McClanahan, 28, put up a desperate struggle before she was allegedly killed by her husband Anthony D. McClanahan.

According to police, the murder weapon was a small, sharp knife she'd worn sheathed in a nylon paracord bracelet.

McClanahan "was found by police covered in blood and crawling on his stomach outside around 1.30am on November 2. 

"He lifted himself up just enough to flag down a police officer, then dropped back down and began convulsing, his arms making a 'snow angel motion,' the officer on scene told prosecutors.

"Anthony McClanahan was treated for minor injuries and originally told officers he and his wife and baby had been attacked," wrote the Mail.

But investigators found no evidence of anyone else going into the building or of a baby at the Park Regency.

His wife's body was found in the condominium he had rented after someone else at the building called 911, saying they'd seen him crawling low to the ground through the hallways and calling for help. 
Keri McClanahan had suffered several cuts to the front, back and sides of her neck, as well as other defensive wounds and carpet burns.

Her husband was previously charged with child kidnapping last month after authorities said he took his eight-year-old son from a previous relationship from his school in Arizona on October 3 and traveled with him through Nevada and Utah.

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Source: Daily Mail · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency