NFL News : QB Coach speaks on Prescott’s potential for Romo-less Cowboys

QB Coach speaks on Prescott’s potential for Romo-less Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Coach Wade Wilson speaks about Dak Prescott and whether or not he's ready to fill the shoes left by Romo

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According to Wade Wilson, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback coach, Dak Prescott is everything he’s been hyped up to be.

In an interview for Cowboys Sports Radio, Wilson had nothing but praise for the Cowboys’ quarterback, saying, “Nothing is to big for that kid”. And that’s from the guy who coached Tony Romo since 2007!

Prescott is apparently a natural fit to fill the shoes Romo left after his retirement, a job he got a taste at last year due to injuries.

According to Wilson, he recognized Prescott's potential, both as a quarterback and as a leader, almost right away: “When you first started talking to him, then in training camp, in OTAs, then two guys got hurt and he got a chance to be the guy, it didn’t phase him

There’s been no complacency at all” Wilson said of Prescott since he joined the Cowboys last year. “He’s been in here working the entire offseason.”

With Romo gone, the Cowboys are expecting a lot from Prescott this season. Wilson is expecting him to be “taking over more of a leadership role this year, which is innate in the position, but it’s personality as well.”

Prescott leads on the field, in the gym, and at team meetings. He takes personal responsibility, and isn’t afraid to call out his teammates. According to Wilson, “The guys have really responded to that”.

Prescott himself addressed his new leadership role, saying the difference between this year and last is “Just that fact that now, when I say things, I have the floor. Last year I was just being quiet and trying to fit my way in one way or another.

“He’s more comfortable, he’s been exposed to it.” Wilson said, confident that no matter how much they put on Prescott’s plate, he’ll rise to the occasion.

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Source: Jon Machota and Brandon George- Cowboys Sports Radio · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS