NFL News : Quarterback Dwayne Haskins caught without a mask at a strip club!

Quarterback Dwayne Haskins caught without a mask at a strip club!

​The player of the Washington Football team is in hot water!

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Washington Football team quarterback Dwayne Haskins put his own club and teammates at risk after he was caught not wearing a mask while attending an event with strippers.

While the team is believed to be handling the situation internally, Haskins tweeted an apology, saying he spoke with coach Ron Rivera on Monday and “took full responsibility for putting the team at risk. It was irresponsible and immature and I accept responsibility for my action.” He also issued an apology to his teammates for “creating a distraction during our playoff push.”

He was forced to set his Twitter account to private after receiving a lot of criticism for his actions. 

Photos taken at a strip club where made public on social media, depicting Haskins enjoying the compagy of strippers without wearing a mask to respect the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols. A source told ESPN later in the day that Haskins is telling people he hired the strippers for a private party at a hotel suite.

The pictures were reportedly taken hours after Haskins had started in Washington’s  20-15 loss to Seattle.

This is not the first time Haskins has violated COVID-19 protocols this season. Earlier in the calendar, he made reservations for a family friend to stay at the team hotel the night before a road game against the New York Giants. 

He was then fined $4,833 even if the friend was not allowed at the hotel. 

Washington has not lost any players from its active roster to the reserve/COVID-19 list this season. And so we bet all eyes will be on Haskins and his teammates to see if any of them test positive to the virus. 

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Twitter