NFL News : Report: Chiefs fired GM because of communication issues

Report: Chiefs fired GM because of communication issues

Seems pretty straightforward

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As bizarre as the timing was for a fired GM, the Kansas City Chiefs reportedly fired John Dorsey because his communication style "wore on people."

Per the Kansas City Star, "team chairman Clark Hunt’s decision to fire Dorsey was fueled, in part, by concerns about his internal communication and management styles, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation."

That comes despite the Chiefs painting a rosy picture of internal harmony to the rest of the league while staying unified and on point in their messaging. Particularly after the NFL’s tampering investigation into the free-agent signing of Jeremy Maclin that led to fines and the forfeiture of draft picks.

As one of the sources said while describing how Dorsey had removed two front-office executives without much explanation: “John does stuff and doesn’t tell people why.” Another source said Dorsey’s management style “could wear on people.”

Dorsey’s was fired last Thursday, the same day Reid received a contract extension. Both men had a year left on their contracts and report separately, but directly to Hunt. That structure will remain when a new GM is hired, per the Star.

Other sources told the Star that Dorsey's communication style was too relaxed, or loose. 

“He’s not a big disciplinarian or big on chain of command,” a source said, “so people did what they wanted.”

“It’s more about his management skills,” another source added.

Moreover, "sources also critiqued Dorsey’s management style, noting that while he was often friendly and jovial, the same tongue-in-cheek manner he used to win over most people over eventually wore on others."

When Dorsey repoertedly fired those two members of the front office, it didn't sit well with some in the organization (although, as we know, decisions like these won't always please the masses). 

Dorsey released director of football administration Trip MacCracken and director of pro scouting Will Lewis. Each man had been with the team for at least four years, and not only were their dismissals surprising, there weren’t many answers to be found, even inside the organization.

“Those decisions were totally John’s,” a source said. “That’s the kind of stuff he does.”

“It could rub people the wrong way at times,” another source said.

Still, the article goes on to report glowing reviews of Dorsey from past colleagues and rival GMs. It seems that he may not be looking for work for very long after all. 


Source: Kansas City Star · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency