NFL News : Report: Drama in Seahawks' locker room?

Report: Drama in Seahawks' locker room?

This is a huge surprise

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Could there be drama in the Seattle Seahawks' locker room? That is at least what ESPN claimed this morning in a very controversial and explosive report. Senior writer Seth Wickersham believes that there are tensions between the players and that the team is extremely divided:

"The division remained, but then again, Wilson has been a divisive figure almost from the moment he earned the starting job, long before he became the most famous and highest-paid Seahawk. It seems to go beyond the normal jealousy aimed at most star quarterbacks. Teammates privately seem to want him exposed, but ask them why, or on what grounds, and their reasons vary. "

It did not take long before Wilson's teammates took to Twitter to deny the report. Here is what star DE Michael Bennett had to say:

Even though it looks like the team is far from being united, Seattle is still doing great on the field. The team's OTA offseason workouts are set to begin on May 30.

Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press