NFL News : Report: Eagles player fully expects major suspension.

Report: Eagles player fully expects major suspension.

Very bad news for the Eagles.

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The Philadelphia Eagles will almost certainly be without one of their core players this season but it doesn't sound like he's taking responsibility for it.

It's now well-known that Lane Johnson failed a test that was issued by the National Football League and although there is still technically his B sample to be tested, Johnson himself knows that he won't be on the field with his teammates for the majority of the season.

"Mentally, it's probably the toughest thing, when you're going to be out there going through the motions, and you're not going to be (starting the season) with the team. It's hard to go, hard to do," said Johnson on Monday as per's Les Bowen.

Johnson admits openly that he took the supplement throughout the summer, but it's easy to see why he doesn't feel fully responsible for the positive test. Johnson used a mobile phone application specially designed to scans all the ingredients in over the counter supplments and checks them against the NFL's the banned substance list and let's him know if it's safe to use. Unfortunately suppliments are often tainted, and often contain products not listed on the label.

"To be honest, I put all my trust in the AEGIS Shield," Johnson said of the phone app. "Maybe it reflects on me, but I do feel players are misled on that. What's the purpose of the app, if it does nothing to protect the players?"

It's a tough break for Johnson, and an even tougher one for the Eagles who are now looking at 10 games without him.

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