NFL News : Report: NFC owner impeding Goodell's contract extension | Around the NFL

Report: NFC owner impeding Goodell's contract extension | Around the NFL

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has impeded the progress of contract negotiations aimed at an extension for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, according to sources familiar with those talks.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the story Sunday morning on ESPN NFL Countdown. 

"If not for Jerry," one person familiar with the contract negotiations said this weekend, "this deal would be done."

Per ESPN, "Jones is now being singled out by some owners and league executives as the reason Goodell does not have the contract extension that many expected to be in place before this season kicked off, per sources. Goodell's current deal expires in 2019.

"The increasingly edgy relationship between Jones and Goodell has sharpened to the point where Goodell's long-term future could be in question, according to league sources.

"Answers could come soon. Next up is the compensation committee's conference call Wednesday, which is expected to produce a specific term proposal for Goodell, sources said. Jones will be included on the call, sources said.

"Whether a firm proposal is presented to Goodell after the conference call remains a source of contention for the time being, sources said. While some owners believe a contract extension is imminent, another source close to the situation said, "there's no way that happens right now." The fact that there even is some level of dissension within NFL ownership circles illustrates what a touchy issue this has become."

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency