NFL News : Richard Sherman thinks Steelers fans are stupid

Richard Sherman thinks Steelers fans are stupid

He basically called them out

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More on this Le'Veon Bell not signing a long term deal story:

Richard Sherman came to Bell's rescue on twitter the other day with some scathing remarks

A lot of Steelers fans are unhappy with Bell not signing long term considering that he would have been paid more per year than the franchise tag and for a longer term but not everything is fully guaranteed.

According to Steelers Depot, 

"While Sherman believes that Bell made the right decision to play under his $12.12 million franchise tag in 2017, there’s no guarantee right now that he’ll see a second tag in 2018 in the amount of $14.5 million. Sure, there’s a decent chance that ultimately happens and especially if Bell has a tremendous upcoming season and remains fully healthy in the process."

"Sherman, along with several other NFL players, are probably currently of the belief that the league can somehow be muscled into eventually providing fully guaranteed contracts much like their NBA counterparts currently receive."

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Source: Richard Sherman Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency