NFL News : Rob Gronkowski once performed as a male stripper.

Rob Gronkowski once performed as a male stripper.


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Is there anything Gronk can't do?

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski once became a male stripper completely by accident.

Gronkowski was a guest on "Conan" on Tuesday and told the story of how a college friend recruited him to serve as a security guard at a bachelorette party, but he eventually started stripping for an excited crowd of women.

"I was the security guy. I put a full suit on, tie, I went there like this (crosses arms), like 'back up,' like 'you're too close, get your hands off him.' I was just pretending like that," Gronkowski said.

"I was security and then every lady there was giving me shots. They were making me drink their beers, so I was participating. I was getting wasted on the side."

Next thing he knew, Gronkowski said he was taking off his pants and shirt, and giving lap dances to a crowd of 35 women.

The best (or maybe worst) part?

"I made like 25 bucks."

Video of the interview is available at

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