NFL News : Rob Gronkowski opens up about Tom Brady being “mean” to him.
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Rob Gronkowski opens up about Tom Brady being “mean” to him.

Gronk spills the beans.

Published on by Jonathan Larivee in NFL News
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One of the National Football League's most prominent figures may have just had his ugly side exposed to the public by a close friend and teammate. 

On Wednesday reporters had a chance to catch up with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski just a few short days ahead of New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady's 41st birthday. Unsurprisingly given the context a lot of the questions that Gronkowski fielded on Wednesday revolved around the Patriots star quarterback but one stood out in particular. 

Gronkowski was asked what, if anything, had changed with Brady since Gronkowski became a member of the Patriots roster and although the veteran tight end stated that most things had remained status quo, he did give reporters one money quote. According to Gronkowski the long time Patriots quarterback had a bit of a mean streak back in the day and although he may still have some of that in him now it seems like he has toned things done over the years as he has aged and matured.

"He used to be mean to me," said Gronkowski with a smile when asked about his quarterback.

When he was asked to provide some more specifics regarding the kind of meanness that Brady had directed at him in the past Gronkowski was more than happy to do so. He explained that Brady was extremely critical of mistakes but once again reiterated that the veteran quarterback had softened his ways over time.

"I would say probably back in the day he was probably a little more on you if you didn’t get it right, a little bit more in your face. But he’s going on 41 now, I feel like he backed off on that a little bit, which is nice." 

In spite of the seemingly negative comments Gronkowski also went out of his way to sing the praises of his quarterback during the media availability and even stated how incredible Brady's work ethic was, especially after 19 years in the league. It did sound like Gronkowski was being genuine about Brady being mean to him in the past but it doesn't sound like the tight end remains very bothered by it today.

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Photo Credit: Keystone Press