NFL News : Romo has been 'wonderful' about being replaced by rookie Prescott.

Romo has been 'wonderful' about being replaced by rookie Prescott.


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Nobody can say that Tony Romo isn't a team player.

Being replaced is never easy, and it seems that the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback has lost his starting position to rookie Dak Prescott for the foreseeable future. Despite obviously wanting to be out on the field, the 36-year old veteran is doing all he can to help his counterpart through the transition.

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones, who said his former starting quarterback has been “wonderful about this” as he’s helped Prescott during practice time.

“He was saying, ‘Boy, he doesn’t miss a trick and he looks at everything and he just soaks it up,'” Jones said during his weekly show on 105.3 The Fa, via the Dallas Morning News. “The key thing is the benefit that Dak will get from watching Tony take snaps in practice. That’s as it should be. The big thing I want to say is how much Tony is in his ear. That’s a big impact there.”

The only thing left to do is justify sitting Romo when they are paying him an enormous amount of money this season. Jones defended this decision, stating that Romo is almost like another coach out there for Dak.

“Now, he has an eye and has an understanding about offensive football that’s exceptional,” Jones said. “And, so, he could be as a matter of fact two years ago, I sat down with him and I said, ‘I really want you in the process as we really get into picking a quarterback for the future because I don’t want you to leave your career without having the benefit of you helping us get this quarterback and getting him ready to go.’

“And, of course, his eyes just lit up and he said, ‘Boy, I’m your man. And I think I can pick one as good as anybody.'”

It's good to hear that Romo is taking the news well, and is stepping into his new role with vigor and a positive outlook.

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Source: The Dallas Morning News · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press