NFL News : Rumor: Broncos targeting two quarterbacks in trade.

Rumor: Broncos targeting two quarterbacks in trade.

Could one of them be the next Broncos quarterback?

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The Denver Broncos lost a big part of their future when quarterback Brock Osweiler made the decision to sign with the Houston Texans, a decision that prompted comments from Broncos boss John Elway.

Now it appears the Broncos are targeting two players, both of whom would require a trade to acquire. First is current Texans quarterback Bryan Hoyer, who after the acquisition of Osweiler, by the Texans now seems like the odd man out in Houston.

However according to the NFL Network's football insider Ian Rapoport , as well as Sports Illustrated football insider Mike Silver the Broncos have another target who they would prefer to acquire. Both men believe the Broncos' primary target is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who has made no secret of the fact that he is disgruntled and wants out of San Francsco.

The price for Kaepernick is likely to be significantly higher than the one for Hoyer so it's not impossible the Broncos look at the cheaper option and again rely on their Superbowl winning defense. There's also the option of potentially signing a player like Nick Fitzpatrick, although it does not appear at this time that is an option Denver is seriously considering.