NFL News : Rumor: Cowboys game may be in danger due to low air quality.

Rumor: Cowboys game may be in danger due to low air quality.

Conflicting reports regarding tomorrow's game.

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There have been a number of wildfires ravaging the state of California and now it appears as though the fires are so bad that there is no serious talk that it could impact a pair of games in the National Football League that were set to take place this weekend.

The big concern has been over the upcoming home game for the San Francisco 49ers, a game in which they will face off against the Arizona Cardinals, as there are expectations that the levels of air quality could reach the "unhealthy" designation by the time the game as rolled around. Of course those are not ideal conditions at the best of times and when you are talking about playing a grueling and exhausting sport like professional football, at the highest level in the world no less, they are honestly almost unimaginable. Does anyone really want to see players heaving on the sidelines because they are breathing in toxic fumes?

It was believed that the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys would be protected from this potential fate due to the fact that the Rams play in an indoor stadium, however there are now some who are reporting that the Cowboys and Rams could also see the venue for their game moved should the situation with the wildfires continue to get worst. Mike Florio of NBC is reporting that the Cowboys game now is also at risk of being moved, although there has been no indication at this time of what such a move would look like. 

From Florio:

The situation bears watching throughout the day. Ultimately, not one but two of Sunday’s games — Cardinals-49ers and Cowboys-Rams — may have to be moved, without much notice.

I'm labeling this one as a rumor for now, despite Florio's report, because I do believe that the fact that the Rams and Cowboys will be playing indoors will greatly diminish the risk of the game being postponed and/or moved to another venue. Of course there is still plenty of time for things to get worse in California before kickoff on Sunday, however for the sake of the people in California and for everyone who wants to escape from all the craziness on Sunday and enjoy a football game I hope that will not be the case.

Stay tuned for more details.

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