NFL News : Rumor: Matt LaFleur did not get to pick his own staff in spite of claims from the Packers.

Rumor: Matt LaFleur did not get to pick his own staff in spite of claims from the Packers.

Disturbing report on the Packers.

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There has been a disturbing report published by veteran Green Bay Packers reporter Tom Silverstein of Packers News this week and it paints a picture of the Packers front office that will likely come as a cause for concern among many within the Packers fan base.

The central figure in Silverstein's this week was team president Mark Murphy, a man that Silverstein claims has restricted the Packers organization in such a way that now 3 men are all vying for power under him. Those 3 men are unsurprisingly general manager Brian Gutekunst and director of football operations Russ Ball and of course the organizations newly appointed head coach Matt LaFleur. For our focus here we will be focusing primarily on how this dynamic has already had a major impact on LaFleur and how that could impact him moving forward as it seems that, in spite of claims to the contrary from the Packers, the new coach will be starting with somewhat of a handicap.

So for starters, although Silverstein's report features a lot of details from anonomyous sources, he does have Murphy on the record stating flatly that it was LaFleur who had final say in all his coaching hires.

“Matt was allowed to make his own decisions,” said Murphy as per Packers News.

Silverstein's sources however paint a drastically different tale than the one Murphy is currently telling, and as I stated before it is a story of a coach starting with the odds heavily stacked against him. According to the report LaFleur attempted to bring in Darren Rizzi as a member of his staff where he would take over as special teams coach but failed to secure his services after the team made him a lowball offer. The Packers would eventually go with Shawn Mennenga in that position, but that was not the only issue of this nature for LaFleur. The report also paints a picture of Murphy become more directly involved in the football operations of the club and Silverstein's sources claim that LaFleur was strongly encouraged to keep Mike Pettine on as defensive coordinator. Pettine previously has ties to Shawn Mennenga as well so you can see the picture that Silverstein is painting here.

Taking over as head coach of the Packers is a tough job at the best of times but doing so off the back of 2 losing seasons and without the people you wanted around you to help you achieve your goals, that will be one hell of a challenge for LaFleur. 

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