NFL News : San Francisco police department demands public apology from 49ers.

San Francisco police department demands public apology from 49ers.

The San Francisco P.D. is having none of it.

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Things just got very ugly for the 49ers.

According to a report from Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio. the San Francisco police department has issued a scathing letter to the organization following the comments made by quarterback Colin Kaepernick and they did not hold back one bit. The P.D. said they “will not stand by while he attacks police officers in this country with statements such as, ‘People are on paid leave while people of color are killed.'”

They weren't done there, they also pointed to the fact that their officers have spent numerous hours putting their lives in danger guarding the likes of Kapernick, and stated he should an incredible lack of knowledge when it comes to police work.

“Ironically it is those officers who on numerous occasions have protected Mr. Kaepernick and have ensured that the venue where the NFL holds its events are fully protected,” said SFPOA president Martin Halloran.

“I only wish Mr. Kaepernick could see the emotional and psychological challenges that our officers face following a fatal encounter. Some are so affected they never return to the streets. In short, Mr. Kaepernick has embarrassed himself, the 49ers organization, and the NFL based on a false narrative and misinformation that lacks any factual basis.”
With that said it does appear that they San Francisco P.D. is only looking for an apology for the inflamatoru comments made by Kapernick and it will be interesting to see how both the NFL and the 49ers react after such a hard stance from a police department that they have worked with for several years.