NFL News : Seahawk rips into Falcons' player who injured him.

Seahawk rips into Falcons' player who injured him.


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Michael Bennett has a new enemy on the field.

The Seattle Seahawks' defensive end was forced out of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons with a knee injury after being the recipient of a questionable block. With the game tied 17-17 in the third quarter, Bennett was cut-blocked by Falcons' right tackle Jake Matthews, causing his knee to bend at an awkward angle.

Bennett went down in a heap, in visible pain and needed help getting off of the field.

After the game, Bennett told reporters that Matthews diving at him was “a scary b-tch ass move” and said, “If you have to dive at someone else’s leg, you are a little b-tch.”

Bennett headed to the locker room but said initial tests showed where was “nothing major’’ wrong. He returned to the sideline but did not play again.

“I should be fine,” he said after the game. “I should be able to play next week.’’

That did not make him any less angry at Matthews, as the Seahawks' Pro Bowler was still absolutely livid.

“He just dove at my knee,’’ Bennett said.

He went on to reference being head-butted two weeks ago by New York guard Brian Winters where Winters suffered a concussion for his trouble.

“I mean, that’s the second week someone tried to take me out, man. I don’t know,” Bennett said.

“To me it’s a scary, bitch-ass move. Honestly, I think if you dive at someone else’s legs, you’re a little bitch. If you are big in the NFL, you just line up and play — why you got to cut someone on the (expletive) play? I mean, I don’t know. That (expletive) is just stupid to me. Why cut somebody when you can just line up and win? I don’t know. I don’t come off the ball jumping at offensive linemen’s legs. … I think it’s just a bitch-ass move, personally.’’

While many players likely don't take kindly to this kind of block, it remains a legal play according to the NFL's rules.

Here is the video of the block:

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Source: The Seattle Times · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press