NFL News : Sherman can't let go of crushing Super Bowl loss.

Sherman can't let go of crushing Super Bowl loss.

Big changes incoming?

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Losing always suck, no matter what the sport psychologist will tell you. Sure, you can learn to deal with it and improve the way you get back mentally, but never will losing become fun. Anyone who ever played sport, for fun or professionally, know the bitter feeling of losing. 

However, not many went through what Richard Sherman experienced. The cornerback was famously associated to how the Super Bowl XLIX ended. With one yard to go, coach Carrol decided to do a passing play and, as you probably all know, it was intercepted. The rest is history. 

Many players got over it during the summer, but according to reports Sherman is still pissed of about it. He snapped at coaches frequently last season and rumors of him being traded away are persistent. Many wondered why Sherman would be allowed to move, him being a crucial piece of the Hawks' defensive squad, but it seems things can never be the same. 

Don't be surprised if Sherman is moving soon. His value is actually extremely high and a good return could go to Seatle in exchange. Sometimes, forcing a relationship that's meant to fail is the worst thing. It might be the case for the Seahawks and Richard Sherman. 

Source: SBNation · Photo Credit: Keystone press agency