NFL News : Sidelined Cowboys Rookie looking to catch up to Prescott and Elliott

Sidelined Cowboys Rookie looking to catch up to Prescott and Elliott

Sidelined Cowboys Rookie looking to catch up to Prescott and Elliott

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"I wasn't shocked at all because I know those guys," 2016 second-round pick Jaylon Smith said of the success of fellow 2016 Dallas draft picks Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. "Me and Zeke, we grew up playing together. We played in the Army All-America game together."

Speaking on the Doomsday Podcast with Matt Mosley and Ed WerderSmith spoke on the injury that sidelined him for the 2016 season, the overwhelming success of his peers in Dallas, and what he's expecting from himself and the Cowboys this season.

"For me it was really encouraging every week getting to see their growth. We all came in together, so it's been nothing but a brotherhood," Smith said of the Cowboys organization. He added that the team's patience and faith in him has been "lovely, just for them to have an understanding of what I can bring to the table. It's a blessing, it's humbling. All this has been a humbling experience. I'm really looking forward to contributing to this great team."

"I one-hundred percent believe in true success. I believe in my team and my coaching staff and my strength and conditioning coaches. We're gonna do everything possible to get me ready. And then whenever [trainer] Britt Brown says I can play, then I'll play," Smith said in regards to his team and pending NFL debut.

Smith said he believes his injury and the road through rehabilitation have helped him as both a player and as a person:

"True adversity. It's allowed me to see things from a different perspective. This is allowing me to really appreciate the game more. My biggest fear was getting hurt, and now that that's happened, I don't fear anything. I'm good. I have 100 percent faith in God. From a relationship standpoint, I'm becoming a better listener. It's multiple aspects. I'm so thankful that he's put me in a position to where I can impact lives because it was broadcast, one of my lowest moments in my life."

"I'm able to do great things with my condition right now. It's just the constant growth," Smith said in regards to his recovery process. "I'm not worried about a brace or nerves or anything like that. I'm focused on scheme and discipline, consistency because that's the mark of greatness."

Catching up with the success of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott might be tall order or anyone, but if anyone could manage that, it's a healthy Jaylon Smith.

Source: Sports Day · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS