NFL News : Star NFL veteran says “I'm waiting on the phone call” to play

Star NFL veteran says “I'm waiting on the phone call” to play

Despite getting up there in age this veteran is as ready as ever to play, but there are some teams he just won't sign with.

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Running back DeAngelo Williams is committed to football, and he'll be ready as soon as the call for his services comes in.

That's according to an interview ESPN's Adam Schefter where the 34-year-old said:

"I'm definitely playing football [this year]. I guess you could say I'm waiting on the phone call. I guess you could say that. I mean, not 'guess.' You can say that. I'm waiting on the phone call. With a GM, or head coach, or whoever decides they need my services. I'll be ready. You can rest assured of that. I work out every day. I keep in shape because I know once that phone call comes -- when it comes, not if, but when it comes -- then I'll be ready to step up and deliver because that's what they are asking of me when they place that phone call."

Williams is not worried about his health either, still considering himself just as durable as ever, saying:

"Football injuries are 100 percent of the game. People get nicked up, people get bruised, injured, things of that nature. Me, considering myself a reliable football player -- I'm not going to say reliable running back, I'm going to say reliable football player -- I know that somebody out there feels as if like they can depend on me. Whether it's the Pittsburgh Steelers, whether it's somebody else. I know there is 28 teams out there that could use my services."

Williams is arguablyone of the best backups in the NFL, especially since joining the Steelers in 2015. 

He's right too, it's only a matter of time before someone calls. It's not every day that you get a chance to bring in a veteran who is versatile and reliable enough to play all three downs. It probably won't be with Pittsburgh mind you, who brought in two replacements for Williams with draft pick James Conner and free agent Knile Davis.

Even if he can't get his ideal fit in Pittsburgh, Williams is not willing to play for just anybody. The veteran running back said that there are actually four teams that he would refuse to play for. 

Which teams are those? Well, he didn't say.

It's good to hear that Williams is not only eager to get back to playing football, but also that he's still 100% healthy.

In case you missed it, Williams made his Professional Wrestling debut last week with some mixed results:

He won't be pursuing that line of work any longer, from the looks of things.

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