NFL News : Steelers currently not thrilled with decision from Le'Veon Bell.

Steelers currently not thrilled with decision from Le'Veon Bell.

Steelers GM comments on Bell situation.

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One of the Pittsburgh Steelers biggest stars has yet to show up to training camp and on Wednesday that prompted comment from the team's general manager. 

Kevin Colbert was asked if he was at all concerned about the fact that running back Le'Veon Bell had yet to report to camp, and Colbert made it clear that he fully expects Bell will be a big part of the Steelers offense once again.

"I fully expect Le'Veon Bell to be a significant contributor for the 2017 Steelers," said Colbert as per ESPN. "That's as simple as I can state it."

That being said it's also clear that Colbert feels Le'Veon Bell is limiting himself by not properly preparing for the season, and by extension one could speculate that means Colbert believes he may be limiting the Steelers.

"I'll argue that consistently," Colbert said. "Training camp is important for the growth and preparedness to be ready to play this game opening week. We can argue about camp and preseason, how many games and all that, but I do know you need to practice this game to play it at the highest level. Someone once said it would be like boxing without sparring. You can't just show up and play."

In defense of Bell, the team made the decision to apply the franchise tag to him this season, and Bell has yet to sign that contract, so he may simply be looking to benefit as much as possible from a situation that he is not thrilled with.

As fans of the NFL will know the lifespan of a running back in the NFL is not a long one, and Bell may have been hoping to get a deal with term on the contract, and more long-term security for himself and his family. 

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