NFL News : Steelers LB: James Harrison 'spit in Coach Tomlin and Mr. Rooney's face'

Steelers LB: James Harrison 'spit in Coach Tomlin and Mr. Rooney's face'

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Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree has gone off on former teammate James Harrison, claiming he spit in the face of both head coach Mike Tomlin and team owner Art Rooney (metaphorically, of course). 

Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dupree reiterated what he and Maurkice Pouncey said earlier: Harrison “cut himself” with his actions. “That’s basically what happened,” Dupree told the PG’s Paul Zeise. “At the end of the day, he just did a lot of stuff that really wasn’t Steeler-like.

“It’s no one’s fault on our team, why he got cut. He cut his self. He came in, he didn’t want to do anything that made us better.”

The biggest issue, Dupree said, is that Harrison let the idea that he was a victim fester for too long. Who he wound up signing with didn’t help, either.

“It feels like he went to the Patriots just to spit in Coach Tomlin and Mr. Rooney’s face. That’s all it was to us,” Dupree said. “Like basically you spit on your teammates, you spit on us because the whole season you’ve been shown as someone different than what you were supposed to, so-called, be to us — other than a leader.”

Dupree said part of the reason Harrison returned was to serve as a mentor to players like himself and T.J. Watt. That didn’t materialize. Dupree said he tried to let Harrison be his mentor, but “it just didn’t work.”

“He made it clear to us early [that he didn’t want to be here]. We try to look at Deebo as a mentor, as the O.G. of the team. We all tried to give him a chance just to be the leader and be the person that, before we got here, the Steelers portrayed him to be. Just coming in to it, you see James Harrison and because he’s this great player you try to follow his footsteps.

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