NFL News : Steelers star linebacker pretty much does whatever he wants

Steelers star linebacker pretty much does whatever he wants

Are you going to tell him “no”? Didn't think so.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers' 39-year-old genetic freak linebacker James Harrison is having an easy offseason.

That's because the Steelers basically let him do whatever he wants. 

While the rest of the team was in doing individual drills on the last day of minicamp, the terrifying defender could be seen in street clothes. Why, you ask?

As ESPN puts it, "Harrison never rests in the weight room, but he does on the field in the summer months. And the Steelers make sure of it."

There's a few reasons for this: first, he's almost 40 and his body doesn't need relentless pounding in the summer months. The other reason is that there's no one on that defense who knows the system better than Harrison, who's entering his 13th year in Pittsburgh. He spent the 2013 season with Cincinnati. 

"The Steelers trust Harrison, 39, to do his own thing in offseason workouts while giving reps to younger players," wrote ESPN. "Training camp will yield a similar setup. On some days, he will be in heavy sweats underneath his uniform but won't be participating in 11-man work."

Harrison will likely end up not participating in the majority of training camp, said defensive coordinator Keith Butler.

"How old is he, 39? Yeah, we’re going to try to handle him, but who has handled that dude? Nobody has," Butler said. "We’re going to see how he goes and see what happens in St. Vincent. He’s not going to go the whole training camp without practicing at all, but that will be entirely up to [head coach] Mike [Tomlin]."

Harrison's summer reps have gone to first-round rookie T.J. Watt, whom Butler says has done a "good job picking up the defense."

Harrison has registered 785 tackles, 81.5 sacks, 33 forced fumbled and eight interceptions throughout his career. 


Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency