NFL News : Steelers star praying for his teammate

Steelers star praying for his teammate

Everyone is excited for training camp, but one star is hoping his prayers be answered.

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Wide receiver Antonio Brown is excited for the start of training camp, but he's concerned that one of the team's most important assets won't be there.

Without a long-term deal getting done and without his franchise tender signed, Le'Veon Bell won't be showing up for training camp this season, and that doesn't sit well with Brown.

Not that Brown is perturbed with Bell, he knows as well as anyone that sometimes you have to play hardball when it comes to contract negotiations. Brown just wants Bell back on the team, saying: 

"We need him. I need him. If we're going to do what we desire to do, we need every guy a part of the organization in a helmet to be there committed to the cause. He's a special piece. Obviously, we know what he brings to the team, his dimension playing football, but he's a special individual. I pray that we have him there."

Bell was the team's top running back last season, posting 1,268 yards and 7 touchdowns. He was also the team's number two receiver, making 75 catches for 616 yards. Even with guys like Brown and a reinstated Martavias Bryant, Bell's contributions to Pittsburgh's offense cannot easily be replaced.

While Bell hasn't committed to training camp, he is planning on playing a full season with the Steelers.

Hold outs are a distraction that no team really wants to deal with, but it's not something the Steelers can avoid at this point. Training camp begins on Thursday with or without Bell's presence.

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