NFL News : Super Bowl champion TE: 'Dez is done for. Take that $14 million away'

Super Bowl champion TE: 'Dez is done for. Take that $14 million away'

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Former Super Bowl-winning tight end Jermichael Finley says Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is done for. 

The former Texas Longhorns star told Jean-Jacques Taylor and Will Chambers on KESN-FM 103.3 that "age is catching up with him some." 

I think what Dez didn't do right was change his game. When the game changed, he didn't change. The game is getting bigger, faster, stronger. And Dez stayed the same. He's not a guy that's gonna route you up. He's not a guy that's gonna get separation. He's guy that if you throw the ball by the corner back's head, he's gonna take it off his head. He's a power guy. He's a guy that's gonna get yards after the catch. So get the ball in his hand because he's not a separation guy at all. He's never been that."
I think Dez is done for. That's one of my guys, but he always knows I'm honest. If the Dallas Cowboys are serious about this, they'll take that $14 million away and spend that thing somewhere else. Just being honest."
 I think Jerry Jones is right when he said the offense has to become Dak-friendly. He's your quarterback. He's the leader of your team. So make the offense Dak-friendly and put guys that's not gonna be in his ear 24-7 around him. That's not gonna, not scare him, but make the guy uncomfortable. He's a young comfortable. You put Dez with Aaron Rodgers, I guarantee you Aaron Rodgers look at him crazy. He helped my career out tremendously. But if you put a Dez Bryant with Aaron Rodgers, he would get no response. Like, look at him crazy like he's glass. Just straight through him. Like, what are you talking about?

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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency