NFL News : Super Bowl-winning corner pays off brother's massive debt

Super Bowl-winning corner pays off brother's massive debt

He also had some harsh criticisms on student loans

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Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan just gave his brother the gift of financial security. That's because the former Super Bowl-winning New England Patriot paid off $82,000 in his sibling's student debt to American Education Services.

In the process Ryan had some stinging words for the student loan system in the United States, calling the system "broke":

"Surprised my big bro and paid off his student loans for his 29th Bday!! My man got accepted to college, graduated with honors, and now works as an engineer. He did everything the right way and still lives with a ridiculous amount of student loan debt. The system is broke and makes no sense!! I'm Fortunate and blessed to be able to take care of that for him.. Love you big bro you deserve it!!"

Ryan, a third-round pick out of Rutgers in 2013, recently signed a three-year deal with the Titans worth $30 million. 

In four seasons with the Patriots, Ryan registered 243 tackles, 13 interceptions, 2.5 sacks and three forced fumbles. 

He's a physical corner who improved in his tackling every successive year, reaching a career high 92 hits last season. Obviously he attacks financial health with the same ferocity as he does opposing players. 

Source: Instagram · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency