NFL News : Surprise candidate emerging at quarterback for the Broncos.

Surprise candidate emerging at quarterback for the Broncos.

The Broncos continue to hint at a potential shocker.

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There have been rumors floating around the National Football League regarding the Denver Broncos quarterback situation, and now sources very close to the team seem to be corroborating those rumors.

The rumors of course have been regarding former 7th round draft pick Trevor Siemian and his emergence as a legitimate contender for the Broncos starting quarterback job. When asked in a recent mail bag whether or not it was fair to dismiss Siemian, Senior Writer at the team's official website Andrew Mason appeared to confirm appeared to confirm those rumors.

Those whose opinions truly matter -- the coaches -- aren't dismissing Siemian, so that's the key thing.

He has a legitimate shot now, whether observers want to believe that or not.

It's far from a sure thing even now, but Mason may be hinting at what could be the precursor to a truly Cinderella story for Siemian, and if he can achieve some success, for the Broncos as well.