NFL News : Team alerts the NFL and accuses the Steelers of cheating.

Team alerts the NFL and accuses the Steelers of cheating.


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It seems that an NFL team is attempting to implicate the Pittsburgh Steelers in a second Deflategate scandal.

According to FOX's Jay Glazer, the New York Giants reported the Steelers to the NFL last week after the Giants became suspicious the Steelers were playing with under-inflated footballs.

The Giants tested two of the Steelers' footballs after takeaways during the game and discovered them to be under weight.

“Once we thought our long national nightmare was finally over, yes, it’s actually back," Glazer said. "Last week, the New York Giants got suspicious of the Pittsburgh Steelers during their game. So, after two takeaways from the Steelers, the Giants actually tested two of the footballs on the sideline to see if in fact they were, dare I use the ‘D’ word, deflated. And two of the balls came in under. So, they sent them into the National Football League. Still waiting for a response from the NFL.”

Glazer doesn't believe that this will carry out like the New England Patriots' Deflategate scandal.

"No, I don't see a congressional hearing," Glazer answered. "I don't see Ted Wells. The Giants, they're still waiting for an answer to see what happened there. The Pittsburgh Steelers, I talked to them this morning, they said 'Hey, anyone who wants to test these footballs, we have no problem with that. We're not doing anything wrong.'

"It's also pretty interesting that the Giants, who have such a close relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers, would be the ones to alert the league about the Steelers."

The Giants are awaiting a ruling from the league and the Steelers have denied any wrongdoing.

Source: Fox Sports · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press