NFL News : Terry Bradshaw rips Steelers' coaching moves, future with Le'Veon Bell

Terry Bradshaw rips Steelers' coaching moves, future with Le'Veon Bell

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Pittsburgh Steelers legend quarterback Terry Bradshaw has a bone to pick with his old team that he won four Super Bowls with. 

Bradshaw wonders, however, how much Big Ben will be affected by the team's big early offseason move: promoting Randy Fichtner to replace Todd Haley as offensive coordinator.

"Haley was a great play-caller," Bradshaw told Sporting News last week. "They had great success together. For the life of me, I have not figured out why they fired Todd Haley. Didn't they put up 42 points against the Jaguars?

"It would seem to me more like the head coach has to recognize the people he's hiring to run that defense aren't doing the job. Firing Haley made no sense. What did he do wrong? That's why he was hired right away by Cleveland. It will take a while for (Ben) and the new coordinator to get their rhythm together. Each coordinator sees things differently, so it will be a different way of calling plays in the same offense. We'll see how fast they adjust to it."

it's imperative for the team to retain running back Le'Veon Bell, a pending free agent, argued Sporting News. 

The Steelers have the option to franchise tag Bell again, but at the cost of $14.5 million for 2018, Bradshaw wonders how much is too much.

"You signed Antonio Brown. You signed Roethlisberger," Bradshaw said. "The problem you're having is that you're drafting these players that become superstars and there's not enough money to keep them all happy. It's hard to find a way. 

"The Steelers' scouting department has always done a great job of replacing people. Bell is important to them, certainly, so if you sign him — and he deserves the money, I don't question that — but what's next? What are you going to lose because you sign him? Who are you not going to be able to retain? It's a tough line. It's a hard one for the team to figure out, because if you put all your money into three guys, you're constantly rebuilding elsewhere and it's hard to have any continuity."

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