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The Alternate Universe where the Patriots suck

Boston needs to thank Montreal

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There's a story on MMQB about Tom Brady's high school baseball career and how he was drafted by the Montreal Expos. It wasn't very likely that he would ever sign with the Expos and play baseball instead of going to the University of Michigan and then becoming the greatest quarterback of all time.

"He had a scholarship to play football at Michigan in the fall, and it seemed likely that an MLB team would draft him. But he couldn’t take the baseball signing bonus money and play college football. By the end of the summer he’d have to choose."

"During his senior year, especially, Brady started receiving recognition for his baseball talents. His teammates voted him captain, he was named to the All-District team, and scouts flocked to Serra to see him play."

"[Kevin] Malone decided to take a chance anyway and picked Brady in the 18th round, No. 507 overall. Then it was up to Hughes, the scout, to convince Brady to become a baseball player."

"Other players took an interest, too, and soon Brady was sitting at a locker, holding court with six or seven Expos asking him questions. “We were telling him,” Santangelo says, “ ‘Why would you make $800 a month in the minor leagues when you can be the quarterback at the University of Michigan? You’re a good-looking guy, you can probably have a lot of fun off the field, too.’ … We told him: ‘Go play football at Michigan! Are you kidding me?’ ”"

The Expos changed the world. Never thought I'd say that. 

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Source: MMQB Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency