NFL News : The NFL continues to single out James Harrison.

The NFL continues to single out James Harrison.


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The NFL and Roger Goodell simply will not leave James Harrison alone.

The 38-year old Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker is currently leading the Steelers in sacks this season, which probably sparked the NFL into suspicion among NFL drug testers.

Harrison shared a picture on Instagram of a letter he received from the NFL on Thursday, requesting what he claims is his "sixth or seventh random (drug) test this year" - while claiming some teammates haven't been tested all season.

Harrison's late-career success has prompted critics to suggest he must be aided by performance-enhancing drugs, but that doesn't seem to be the case considering how frequently he's tested.

Harrison has been targeted by the league for years, as he has been fined in excess of $100,000 since the 2010 season. Since he announced his return to the Steelers for a 14th NFL season in May, he's been tested for PEDs by the NFL on no less than six occasions this season, with Harrison passing each test. Thus far the NFL's treatment of Harrison has been nothing short of appalling.

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Source: Instagram · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press