NFL News : The NFL hands down discipline to Aaron Rodgers.

The NFL hands down discipline to Aaron Rodgers.


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Aaron Rodgers doesn't usually have problems with the NFL's front office, but this time the league has decided to discipline him.

It was announced today that the Green Bay Packers' quarterback has been fined by the NFL for a facemask penalty on Falcons' cornerback Robert Alford in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss in the FC Championship game.

This was the first time Rodgers was called for a facemask penalty. The $9,115 fine for the penalty is the NFL minimum.

“I just told the ref, 'You know, he picked up the flag when they looked at the JumboTron when I scrambled and did kind of a weird in-between forward and front slide and the guy hit me in the head, and they picked up that penalty [flag],'" Rodgers said after the game. “So I just said, ‘Why don’t you look up at the JumboTron and pick up this penalty?’ Because it obviously wasn’t an excessive blow to the head there deserving of a 15-yard penalty, in my opinion.”

“I went for the stiff-arm, and I’m not a stiff-arm connoisseur. My thumb slipped through his face mask, his helmet was on loosely, and his helmet came off.”

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