NFL News : The results of the NFL's PED interviews are revealed.

The results of the NFL's PED interviews are revealed.


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The NFL has finally finished interviewing three of the four players named in the Al Jazeera report on performance enhancing drugs.

A source told ESPN's Dan Graziano, that the league has met with Green Bay Packers' linebackers Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker James Harrison this afternoon and no new evidence was presented against the three star players.

The only player remaining to be interviewed is free-agent defensive end Mike Neal, who initially refused to be interviewed by the league.

Graziano's report indicates that the interviews went according to plan, and all four players expect to have their names cleared publicly. They are likely to be exonerated in the same way that now-retired quarterback Peyton Manning was after being named in the very same report.

A recent report from Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio has revealed that because this issue is not a matter of a documented testing process, but rather a source of credible evidence from outside of the league, the NFL's commissioner will have the final say over the disciplinary process following the interviews.

Hopefully the commissioner doesn't decide to pull one of his patented power trips at the last minute.

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